People love to share their resolutions, maybe because it makes it more official by declaring it to others, or to the universe. So I’ll try a public declaration, and see if it helps me follow through.

  1. “How-To” Diet Plan. I refuse to click on any how-to articles from any source I don’t already 110% trust. Content marketing is full of junk, and while other people ban real junk food from their lives, I’m going to ban junk content.
  2. Strict click-bait Diet: if I don’t already know the site/source, I’m not clicking.
  3. Lightening Up: MacBook pro to iPad pro. Canon Rebel to GoPro. Use the iPad to work while working out. Replace watching the news at the gym with working on the iPad in order to not get angry and literally lighten up.
  4. Not take anything too seriously.?There’s no point.
  5. Stop listening to people more than ever before. Sorry… Not sorry. Will write another blog as to why.
  6. Be nicer to the nice guys. It somehow feels easier to identify them with constant reminders of how bad the bad ones can be.
  7. Be meaner to mean guys. After 2017, I feel less pressure to act incongruently.
  8. Run a contest: to find someone/anyone who can provide a picture of Melania Trump Genuinely smiling/happy around her husband during any point of the campaign or presidency.
  9. Wear heels more. It takes practice, and I’m so out of practice that it literally hurts. It hurts people to watch me try to walk normal in high heels, it hurts my feet literally, it hurts my soul to know that I used to be able to run in stilettos and now I can’t even walk straight, and above all it literally hurts if I fall down when I’m drinking because I forget that I’m at least 3 inches taller.
  10. Finish my site. What? It’s live. Exactly! That’s why it’s taking so long, and why it’s so hard. It’s like riding a bike in front of everyone, while building it under your own butt. Most importantly though is not how long I’ve been talking about finishing the site (2+ years?), but it’s why. For me it’s all a game. I’m a tiny media startup up against huge media companies that have been around decades, with huge massive accounts, know-how, and connections. The ONLY way to go up against huge media conglomerates is to do the ONLY thing they can’t do – take radical risk and do things radically different. Doing something a little better will never win. Doing something 10x better, at 10x’s less cost is the only way really for me (and maybe for any startup?) to truly win. And, this year, for reals… ?will be the year to finish and “launch”. I mean, if I publicly declared this as a resolution, it has to come true right?
  11. Blog more. Or vlog. Or both… but either way, more. It’s like free therapy.



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