It is So Easy to make diversity So Hard.

So here are a few points to help remember how simple this really could and should be.


Hurricanes, floods, wildfires, bombings… ?do you still actually care if someone is liberal or conservative, gay or straight, muslim or christian, before you give them shelter or ask for shelter?


People are people. Is a women in tech actually different than a person in tech? No. And ostracizing groups like ‘women in tech’ for example helps draw attention to the fact that things need changed, and there is a problem, but it simultaneously ostracizes more and diverts from the ultimate goal – which is realizing that people in tech are just that, People in tech. Whether black, white, small, big, old, young, gay, straight, woman, man, and everything in between. It’s People in tech, not x in tech.


Stupidity comes in all colors, sizes, ages, genders and definitely does not discriminate. Just look around.


Talent knows no color, gender, age limit, etc. ?You’re either born with it, or you’re not. You either hone that talent or don’t. It simply presents itself, and you choose what to do with it.? But talent certainly does not care about your race, age, size, background, or situation.


And overall, diversity only strengthens, it does not make anything weaker.

It fills in blindspots and holes.

I used the poster from Hidden Figures because the words are true, whether you’ve seen the movie or haven’t.

But I’m adding onto it a little.

Genius has no race, gender or limit.

Strength has no race, gender, or limit.

Courage has no race, gender, and definitely has no limit.

And again from Hidden Figures:

Everyone Pees Yellow.

Hope you enjoyed this little lesson in Duhversity.

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